6th Grade Reading

 Mrs. Cheryl Sedota

Born in Worcester, MA, raised in Fredonia, NY

Education & Degree:
B.S. Ed in Elem. Ed./Music from SUNY@ Geneseo
M.S. Ed. in Early Childhood Ed. from USC

Total Years at St. Andrew: 23
Total Years of Experience: 30

Philosophy of Catholic Education:

” Do I believe in Catholic education? You bet! It’s not that I don’t believe in public education, but Catholic schools give our students the faith factor. God is present in all parts of our day. We acknowledge our God and celebrate His love for us everyday, not just on Sunday….Wow!.”

Welcome back to school and to 6th Grade Reading!

I truly enjoy my time with our 6th graders, 3rd period, every day, for Reading!

Will begin our study this year by reading and discussing several of the short stories in our textbook. The children will be exposed to several renowned authors such as, Jack London, Jane Yolen, and Isaac Bashevis Singer, to name a few. We will name the many genres of books and discuss point of view. I encourage lots of discussion and hope to help the children become more critical readers in doing so.

The students and I will also study vocabulary words with a vocab. textbook, and will read from Time Magazine for Students to expose them to nonfiction, expository writing as well.

The AR requirement is 2 books/quarter. Students may choose 2 picture books for older children (4.0 and up…in other words, NOT The Berenstain Bears!), one quarter, which will count as 1 of the 2 books they need to read for that quarter. Also, if a student chooses to read a Holocaust novel, it automatically counts as 2 books for that quarter. Students can choose these special options only once. I will send home a sheet that asks parents to sign and return in Tuesday Folder ; itwill keep you updated on your child’s progress (or lack of), as each quarter progresses.

After our short story unit, we will begin our first class novel,  The Cay, by Theodore Taylor….more on that later on.

Please refer to the homework/test sheet that will come home each week in Tuesday Folder.Please, do not hesitate to call  me if you have any questions. Enjoying to reading is something that is easy for me to share!

I look forward to getting to know your children better!