Middle School-History & Religion

Mrs. Mary Anne Tucker

Oneonta, New York

Education & Degree:
BS in Elementary Education
MS in Education

Total Years at St. Andrew: 12
Total Years of Experience: 22

Philosophy of Catholic Education:

“I have always valued & believed in a Catholic education as a foundation for spiritual & moral growth, as well as intellectual growth. Students develop a rich & full understanding of the Catholic faith in all aspects.”

What’s Happening in Class:

As we begin a new year, we will finish up some “old business” and then get down to the “new” work at hand.

6th Grade Religion will be learning about the Ten Commandments along with their meanings. After we have studied the commandments, the students will illustrate each of the Ten Commandments. I can’t wait to see their interpretations.

6th Grade Social Studies will continue with their study of Ancient Egypt. The students will be creating their own pyramid and when they are finished they will present them to the class, as well as some of the lower grades. I can’t wait to see what my students believe they will need in the “Afterlife!”

7th Grade Religion will be studying the Seven Sacraments and learning what each one means. We will be starting with Holy Orders and Matrimony. We will also be talking about the contributions Pope John Paul II made to the Catholic Church during his lifetime.

7th Grade History will continue their study of the Government, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We will learn how a bill becomes a law, the three branches of government, and the duties of state and federal governments. We may even (if time permits) set up our own jury trial. We have also been listening to SchoolHouse Rock songs to help us learn the information.

8th Grade Religion will be learning the Theological and Moral Virtues and their meanings. They will also be learning about the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they enable us to act as Good Catholics.

8th Grade History will be finishing up their study of World War I. Right now, they are learning about propaganda that was used during the war and its purpose. We will also be reading about the Battle of the Argonne Forest.

The next few months promise to be an interesting and exciting time of learning! I hope my students will be as excited to learn the information as I am to teach it!!